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Storage: Boxes & More

Keep documents safe in our non buffered, acid and lining-free file folders (pH 8.0).
Protect collectibles from the hazards of environmental pollution.
Use these quality storage cartons and boxes by themselves, or select from a varivety of dividers and trays.
The tabbed full dividers are made of 4-ply Westminster buffered rag board in bright white.
Store magazines, manuals, catalogs and more!
These poly cartons are tough & water-resistant.
Easy Access to Contents! Getting Organized isn’t a chore when you use our Safekeep Boxes to house your CDs/DVDs. Postcard, disks, contact sheets, negative pages, prints and more.
These designed for long-term protection of prints, artwork, and similar valuables. Metal-Reinforced edges give structural support, while the fully removable cover and drop-front side make it easy to load and remove contents.
These standard Safekeep multi-purpose boxes will provide archival protection for paper collectibles such as maps, newspapers, art prints, manuscirpts, pamphlets, magazines, sheet music, and other artifacts.
Durable boxes of heavywieght Safekeep safe (tan.060) have double-thick bottom and metal reinforced edges for strenght. 5”depth size has a pull string at bottom to remove box easily from a shelf.
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Document Box Spacers
Price: $9.97
Document Box Spacers
Document Box Spacers
Poly Magazine Organizer
Price: $14.97
Poly Magazine Organizer
Poly Magazine Organizer


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