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Protective Enclosures

These archive-safe folders, with their seamless design, are double-scored so the flaps fold and unfold for easy, scratch-free access to the glass plate.
The design of these archive-safe envelopes offers more protection than thumb-cut envelopes. The seams are sealed on the outside so they don’t come in contact with film or prints & they’re on the long sides to provide equal thickness in storage.
Lightweight,crystal clear polypropylene sleeves provide long-term protection at lower prices than polyester sleeves.
Our very best, most stable sleeves are made of ultra-clear, tearresistant Archival Grade Polyester---the clearest, safest material in the market today!
Store your work in our archive-safe, clear high-density polypropylene sleeves.Sealed on the two long sides, images slide in easily and fit securely.
SplitFile Folders guard against damaging fingerprints and pollutants.
TopLoad feature allows easy access to contents and includes three heat-sealed edges without pressure points or beaded ends.


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